INVENT is member of the INNOVA SpA Group, one of main European leaders in the field of technology transfer and innovation consulting. Together, the companies of the Group cover the entire innovation chain, which is one of our main strengths and our core strategic positioning at European and International level.

Our network in Italy is composed by:

  • INNOVA: specialized in technology transfer and valorisation
  • LABOR: a private applied research and engineering laboratory
  • CYBION: an intelligent search SW company
  • CAMPUS: specialized in organisational innovation and strategy and specialized IT solutions for quality, environment & security management systems.


Moreover, our network is well disseminated in Europe through these companies:

  • Belgium: INNOVA EUROPE specialized in innovation consulting
  • Poland: TECHIN: technology assessment, implementation strategies and fund raising for R&D projects
  • Spain: INGENIERÍA e INNOVACIÓN: R&D consultancy company.

The group is also strategically located in the USA, through its American branch, INNOVA CONSULTING GROUP (IGC Inc.). The location in Boston allows ICG to effectively cooperate with its partners in Italy and the rest of Europe, and also, as neighbourneighbor of prestigious universities, such as MIT and Harvard, it enables the Group to participate in an international, technological hub of the world.

  • INNOVA is a member of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) since 2010. EAI is a grassroots organisation initiated through cooperation between public, private and government organisations. EAI bridges the gaps between the market, research and regulation bringing together key players from every discipline within the ICT innovation cycle.
  • INNOVA is a member of the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Entreprises (INSME) since 2004 and is also an active member of the INSME Board.
  • INVENT has major agreements and consolidated relationships with a number of Universities such as Università “La Sapienza”, Università “Roma Tre”, Università di Udine, Universtità “Tor Vergata”, Università di Lecce, Università di Calabria, Università di Perugia, Università di Padova.
  • INNOVA has been appointed as service provider for INNOVHUB (Azienda speciale della Camera di Commercio di Milano per l’innovazione), the special Agency for Innovation of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan (Italy). The service consists in the promotion of Technology Transfer to SMEs of the province of Milan.