Since its setting up, INVENT has assessed and evaluated more than 150 business plans.

INVENT currently participates in the capital of innovative start-ups, in different fields such as biotechnologies, Information Technologies, Digital Media, Renewable Energies and New Materials.


Biotecgen S.r.l.

Develop systems analysis through protein array and microarray of DNA and RNA. Improve biosensors using the SPR tecnology to detect pathogens in food matrices (Biotecnology).


Explora S.r.l.

Development of nucleic acid for medical and environmental implementation (Biotecnology).

Micro Biological Survey

Micro Biological Survey S.r.l.

Development and commercialization of innovative methods for microbial analysis, By using MBS-HACCP&WATER Easy test microbiological analysis of food, water, and surfaces can be carried out anywhere, by anyone, easily while obtaining a safe and reliable results (Biotech).


MediaPharma S.r.l.

A Company focused on the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases with unmet medical need (Pharma).

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PharmaMab s.r.l.

An R&D firm specialized in developing innovative therapies for cancer treatments (Pharma).

Nano Share

Nano Share S.r.l.

Implementation of innovative solutions for industrial application using nanometre proprierties of materials (Electronics).


Euroviron S.r.l.

Development of portable kits to identify virus and rare diseases.


Tuttolegale S.r.l

Online legal services (web).


Buzzer S.r.l.

Development and management of an ecommerce platform to sell fine wine.


Novapp S.r.l.

Development of software and mobile applications for the supply of services. Development of web-based platform for social networking. Marketing and communication suitable for take up and implementation based on the informatic tools produced by companies.

FindTheRipple L.t.d.

FindTheRipple L.t.d.

FindTheRipple Ltd. is a brand new London-based startup (April 2014) formed by a team of communication experts and computer science engineers. FindTheRipple offers a suite of tools designed to provide the marketers with the best influencers within a specific CONTEXT – the brand domain, the targeted audience, the campaign features – and with added-value data to measure the effect of the influence marketing campaign.