Investment Approach

"We invest in entrepreneurs who are setting the world on fire"

Our core business is to launch innovative European and international startups, and supports them in the their first delicate years of life. We work hard from the get-go to help entrepreneurs build value and achieve their goals.

We look for the best project and the most promising idea following these criteria:

  • Growth potential
  • Staff skills
  • Technological advantages
  • Positioning in dynamic and high growth markets

We operate in different sectors, in particular :

  • Biotechnology
  • Renewable Energy
  • New materials
  • Services in the field of ICT

Exit strategies

Invent helps companies to increase their value rapidly, giving support during the crucial period of the incubation (usually between 3 and 5 years), that can generates significant capital gains at the output.

Our targeted exit strategies are:

  • The resale to venture capital companies aiming for a commercial development at larger scale.
  • The resale to industry groups interested in innovations to foster their services and production offer and to consolidate their competitive position.
  • Our goal is to lead companies to the level of technical validation of their innovation and to ensure commercial and economic feasibility to the project.