Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Zangrilli

Invent presents a very “agile” structure in order to offer to customers the suitable service for their needs.

We always shape our working team depending on the type of skills we are requested for.

Our professionals have a strong background in the field of financing technology transfer, innovation strategy, financial assets, implementation strategies and more.

Being part of a strong group means to have a wide range where we can glean the suitable professional with the right skill to provide our services.

CEO - Antonio Zangrilli

Degree in Economics (University “La Sapienza” in Rome, Italy). Post-graduate course in Export Manager at the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E., Rome, -Italy). He started as Innova consultant as project manager of innovative public/private funded projects. Then he became the CEO of Invent a company specialised in high-tech start up seed investments. Expertise in market studies with a focus in innovative technologies having the ambition to move to the market. Expertise in high-tech product business plans development and assessment. Expertise in Venture capital funds services for second round and/or later stage investments. He provides training services to entrepreneurs and/or start-up managers as well as temporary manager services and tutoring services to young managers and/or entrepreneurs. So far, he contributed to set up 25 high tech companies some of them have been accompanied to seed/venture capital funds.