Frequently Asked Questions

Invent is a seed capital Company, based in Rome. It specialises in innovation consulting, business administration, development and financing of high-tech projects and start-ups creation.

New technologies and innovative projects have the profound ability to improve the world: they’re catalysts to economic growth and improve quality of life. Motivated by this considerations, our purpose is:

  • Development and exploitation – INVENT gives its contribution to the growth and promotion of innovation and new technologies market creating business and employment.
  • Venture Capital investments – Through its strong investment capabilities and solid/reliable shareholders, INVENT participates with companies operating mainly in the new technologies and innovation sectors.
“We invest in entrepreneurs who are setting the world on fire” 

Our core business is to launch innovative European and international startups, and supports them in the their first delicate years of life. We work hard from the get-go to help entrepreneurs build value and achieve their goals.

Invent presents a very “agile” structure in order to offer to customers the suitable service for their needs. We always shape our working team depending on the type of skills we are requested for. Our professionals have a strong background in the field of financing technology transfer, innovation strategy, financial assets, implementation strategies and more. Being part of a strong group means to have a wide range where we can glean the suitable professional with the right skill to provide our services.

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